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Since I arrived in SE Asia in mid-December of last year, I’ve basically been hopping back and forth between Thailand and Vietnam. Granted, I took a small trip to Malaysia as well, but the last seven or so months have pretty much been spent between the place that I now am, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and the country that I’ve been many times over the past ten years or so.

Partially because of the fact that I’ve been going back and forth, and also because I’ve been busy with actual magazine stuff, I have yet to compile any sort of major vegan food review for Thailand. With other countries, such as Turkey and Greece, it’s been easy to start on a summary because I knew I was leaving and wouldn’t be back for some time. So, I could summarize what I found easily, and I did here, here, and here. Given that I actually booked a ticket yesterday to return to Thailand in less than two weeks, it seems likely that I won’t be working on a review at any point soon!

All that being said, even though it’s quite possible that I’ll find more favourite restaurants during my next trip to Thailand, I thought it would be safe to at least do a little video about the food court scene in that country. If you’re travelling through Thailand on a budget, which is how I’ve done it the last few times, you’ll most likely spend a lot of time in malls. Frankly, malls are the kind of place I avoid in pretty much every other country, but Thailand has the food court thing figured out. In most cases, these spots usually also have at least one veg restaurant, and the prices are cheap. Plus, there’s air conditioning!

So, in case I’ve persuaded you to at least give them a try while you’re there, here’s some highlights from my food court experiences in Thailand.

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