TBT | Dodging Traffic in Vietnam

Photo of a city skyline at night with white text in the foreground that says "Dodging Traffic in Vietnam. Where Am I Wednesday"

This past December, I hit the one-year mark for my time in SE Asia, which means that it’s now been just over a year since I first sat foot into Vietnamese traffic to cross the street. Needless to say, despite warnings from friends, it was an interesting experience that took a fair bit of prep work on my part before I even walked out the door.

Sadly, since I’ve been hopping around to other cities since that first time, I can’t say I’m a lot better at it now. However, since I’m now faced with roughly a month before my next house sit starts in Pattaya, Thailand, and I’m going to spend that month (finally) exploring Vietnam outside of Saigon, it seems I’m going to get plenty of practice over the next 30+ days.

With that in mind, I thought I would throwback today to one of my earliest attempts to just go for it. Lucky for me, said attempt didn’t actually involve me getting hit by a bus, but I certainly did come close!

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