T.O.F.U. Questions | Why Pay-What-You-Can?

White background with black text in the foreground that says "Why Pay-What-You-Can?" on the left-hand side of a thin vertical black line. On the right-hand side, there is a large question mark.

I wrote a longer post to explain a bit behind T.O.F.U.’s financial model and just why it is what it is, but I realized that the video kind of covers the main reason (as was the point of shooting it in the first place). So, I’m going to run with this shorter post for now.

At some point, I’ll probably write more about the magazine and money, even though I dislike the subject, but for now I’ve got a year-in-review video to work on and a new issue to try and release before the month ends!

So, if you’re curious as to just why it is that T.O.F.U. uses a pay-what-you-can model instead of a set price for its digital downloads, check out the video to find out.

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