T.O.F.U. #14 | Preview

Image contains a dark red background with a silver fork coming up from the bottom of the frame. On the fork, a single piece of asparagus is visible. Both ends of the asparagus are burnt, and the right end has a small stream of smoke coming from it. Above the fork and the asparagus, there are two vertical blocks of text. The larger one on the left says "Smoke Signals". The word "smoke" is in white, and the word "signals" is in green. The smaller block of text says "Is burning out and fading away" in one line and "helping the animals" in another. The words "the animals" are in green. At the very top of the image, there is text that says "T.O.F.U." in white, and within that text there is more text that says "T.O.F.U. Magazine". Just below the white T.O.F.U., there is text that says "Issue 14 Burnout March 2019".

The latest issue, which focuses on burnout, was released about a week ago (for Patreon and newsletter subscribers at least), but I’m sure some of you still haven’t downloaded it. So, I thought perhaps a small preview might help persuade you to take the plunge.

If you’re interested, check out two of the articles (and a few other bits and pieces) below, and then head to the store to get the full thing.

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