TBT | Missing Gallo Pinto in Costa Rica

Image contains a photo of a plate of beans and rice with a small salad of tomato and lettuce on the right and a side of green beans and other chopped vegetables on the left. Below the beans and rice, there is a friend plantain. Above the plate, a bottle of chili sauce and a glass of a dark liquid can be seen.

I know I’ve written a bunch of posts around my time in Costa Rica, but today feels like another good day to throwback to something I loved about CR: gallo pinto. Known as the country’s national dish, gallo pinto is basically beans and rice. Of course, for those who have experienced it in CR, you probably know it’s far better than such a simple description would suggest.

Personally, although I’ve been eating a lot of beans and rice during my time here in SE Asia (mainly to save money), none of the meals I’ve made have come close to the breakfasts I had at some of the local spots in the town I lived, Ciudad Colon, or anywhere else I found the dish while travelling.

And yes, despite the differences, it was great in Nicaragua too.

For more on just why I fell in love with gallo pinto (and CR in general), you can find out more about my time in the country here.

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