WAIW | Harvesting Jackfruit II

Image contains a photo of a large jackfruit that has been cut in half. Both halves are faced down on concrete with the green, bumpy side facing up.

After leaving Saigon, Vietnam yesterday afternoon, I’m back in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a three-month stint. Right now, I’m hanging with some familiar faces just on the outskirts of the city, but by this weekend I’ll be becoming friends with some new critters. If you follow T.O.F.U.’s IG account, chances are you’ll meet them soon after I get there.

Before that happens though, I wanted to post about my attempt to redeem myself today by harvesting jackfruit again. Back in April, I did it for the first time on the property I was taking care of, and it did not turn out great. So, when the home owner told me there was a big jackfruit in the corner of the lot that I should probably try, I figured I would take another swing at it today.

Of course, I filmed the whole adventure just so you could take part in my success… or failure.

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