WAIW | Your Last Real Friend?

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A combination of things from the past week led to me pondering connections: how we make them, how real they are, and other related stuff. You can mostly blame it on the movie Good Boys and me working on building-up an audience for my house sitting book, but today I’ve got a question for you:

When did you make your last real friend, and just how did it happen?

Personally, since I’ve been travelling and house sitting full-time for a number of years now, I’ve found myself making friends in less conventional ways. Of course, given how much has changed since I was a kid and your friends were made mostly based on who lived near you and/or went to the same school, perhaps the methods I’ve used to meet people are more the norm now. Either way, I’m curious to hear how you’ve been doing it, and whether or not you think you’ve made a real friend recently. So, let me know!

Shout out to both Lessons Learned Abroad and The Professional Hobo for writing pieces that served to spark some of these thoughts today.

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