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Although it seems hard to believe, this week’s Where Am I Wednesday episode is the 200th one that I’ve released. Back when I shot the first one in the woods on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, I can’t say I expected I would release anything near 200. Of course, I also didn’t expect the world to be in the numerous terrible situations that it’s in right now, and that’s why I don’t actually want you to watch the video I shot for this week.

As a white male, I’m not the sort of person you should be listening to right now. So, I’m hoping that you’ll take this time to consume content created by or meant to directly support Black people. I know I’ve posted various resources before, but I thought I would take today to suggest more for those who might be interested.

With that in mind, please check out the following:

Suggested Links

Uprooting White Fragility

One of many people I recommend you learn from is Dr. A. Breeze Harper, and this talk is just one great example of why.

Resources to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

If you’re looking for more direct ways to get involved and show your support outside of watching a video, then check out this list.

An Essential Reading Guide For Fighting Racism

Given the long history of racism, both within the United States and also around the world, countless books have been written to tackle the subject in many ways. Along with the ones mentioned in the resources above, check out this list for more.

A Curriculum for White America

Focusing more on online sources, as well as articles that are more concise, this page offers plenty more reading material related to things such as white privilege, microaggressions, and even raising racially-conscious children.

Black Vegans Rock

If you’re looking for Black vegans to follow, then this site has plenty, and there are some great resources to check out as well.

Did I Miss Something?

I’m sure there are plenty of other resources out there, so if you think I’ve missed something that really should be included, then feel free to mention it in the comments or drop me a message, and I’ll update the list.

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