Tackling the Issues With LP Hoopla

Ryan Patey getting his fibre.

Recently, I had the pleasure of answering some great questions in an interview with Lyndsay Penner of LP Hoopla. She’s got an excellent blog going about musicians, vegans, and a pile of other interesting things. Plus, there are some interesting profiles on musicians such as Ian La Rue, who has been a big supporter of T.O.F.U. since the beginning.

Most of all though, Lyndsay asked me some great questions, and I don’t feel like I repeated myself from previous interviews. That’s not to say I mind answering the same questions whenever anyone is nice enough to want to know more about what I do. It’s just good to know that something new is now out there for people to (hopefully) comment on.

Basically, I think I’ve made it clear why I’m vegan and what T.O.F.U. tries to do in past interviews, but now, thanks to Lyndsay, you can find out what my favourite animal is too!

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