Issue #11 | Another Update

Rabbit and medication illustration by Matt Gauck

Just before the holidays, I sent out an update to the mailing list about the next issue, and I thought I should post it here for those of you who might not be on that list. Actually, first off, you should sign-up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out on future updates!

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Alright, now that we have that figured out, here’s the update I sent along to those folks a week ago:

Don’t get me wrong, there is good news in regard to issue #11, but it’s not the news that I should have at this point. Actually, it’s not the news that I should have had months and months ago either.

On the bright side, the content for the magazine is pretty much done. All the articles have been submitted, edited, and placed. Along with that, there are plenty of wonderful illustrations, including the one used above, and pictures throughout the issue, and I’m incredibly happy with how it looks right now.

However, and this is where the more recent delays have come up, I’ve been struggling with trying to put the pieces together to bring the issue to print. From finding a print shop to figuring out just how to ship copies to people and stores, things are not falling into place as easily as I had hoped.

That being said, I’ve never been one to give up, so I’m going to return to the drawing board to see what other options I have, and I’ll be sure to send along the info once I know myself.

Now, the real struggle is still coming from trying to find a vegan company based in the States to work with me on sending out orders for both small businesses and individuals. I’m in talks with two in Canada, but I’m still not sure who I’ll be working with over the border. With that in mind, I’ll be contacting a few now that the holidays are winding down, but I’m certainly open to suggestions!

Once I find that piece, I suspect the other bits will fall into place, and then I’ll be able to publish this lovely issue that I’ve worked so hard on with a bunch of wonderful writers, illustrators, and more.

Illustration: Matt Gauck | Website

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