T.O.F.U. Questions | What Does T.O.F.U. Stand For?

Twitter card for What Does T.O.F.U. Stand For

Each time I’ve gone out on tour, I’ve ended up answering this question a number of times, so I thought I would address it in the T.O.F.U. Questions series. Of course, it’s also mentioned on the inside cover of each issue, so folks can always read the magazine to learn what it means as well. 😉

When I started T.O.F.U. with a past partner, I doubt either of us knew the magazine would go this long, or that it would broaden its content to include other topics surrounding pro-intersectional and anti-oppression activism. Luckily, the meaning of the name still fits, and I have no plans of changing it.

Even if some folks find it offensive.

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