T.O.F.U. #12 | An Interview With Palestinian Animal League

Cover for Issue 12 interview with Palestinian Animal League

Along with the interview with Emily von Euw, the latest issue also includes an interview I did with Ahmad Safi, the founder of Palestinian Animal League (PAL).

I’ve been a fan of PAL’s work for years, including their youth-led initiative to open a vegan restaurant in a local university and their recent plan to host a conference in 2018. So, when it came time to consider articles involving activism with a mental health focus, I thought discussing PAL’s work within the occupied territories, Palestine, would be more than appropriate.

One must not show the suffering because it has persisted for so long, and many others have suffered even more. So, it becomes internalized, and that within itself can become dangerous.
– Ahmad Safi, Executive Director & Founder, PAL

If you haven’t read it yet, you can find the interview in T.O.F.U. #12, which you can download for whatever price you want to pay (including free) through the online store here. Of course, I also highly recommend that you check out PAL’s website and support their activism however you can.

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