WAIW | This is 37

Picture of a bearded man with a smile and white text in the foreground that says "This is 37 Where Am I Wednesday"

Since it sadly seems like the Facebook upload of the video has stalled before even hitting 50% (and that alone took an hour or two), I guess I’ll be spending the day after my birthday trying to upload it again.

Funny enough, this new to-do for tomorrow would be another example of just how weird my life is at 37 compared to what a lot of people probably think it should be like. With that in mind, I spent today’s Where Am I Wednesday episode reflecting on just what it means to me that I would basically be a failure in the eyes of lots of people, and also how I actually feel about where I am today.

Luckily, the video has at least uploaded successfully to YouTube, so you can find it below. If you’re really holding out for it on Facebook, then I guess you’re just going to have to wait because this old man is too tired to stay up and try again!

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