WAIW | A Moment in Pattaya

Photo of a rocky beach with white waves and a pair of shoes in the foreground.

As each Wednesday gets closer and closer, I’m always trying to think of something to talk about or do for the latest episode of the Where Am I Wednesday series. Of course, given that I’m on a tight budget and I’ve often got plenty of work to do on my laptop, most episodes end up focusing on whatever is around the latest house sit or hostel I’m staying in. Lucky for me, this current sit in Pattaya, Thailand has the ocean just at the end of the street, which served as a perfect little escape from the latest social media drama.

I don’t really want to get into it here since I’m sure I’ll be writing plenty about it on the Facebook page in the next day or two, but I can assure you that my basic message in all responses will be:

Fuck fat shaming.

I’ll probably write it more eloquently than that in response to specific comments, but I know I won’t really be able to say it better than Rachel Wiley did in the post I shared.

Of course, if you’re looking for more points of view on the topic, I also recommend the seventh issue of the magazine, which still continues to be one of the most popular releases. Between that fact and the BS that shows its face whenever I touch on the topic online, I guess there’s still plenty of folks who need to learn the reasons why judging people based on their weight is wrong.

And… it seems I’m getting away from myself despite saying I didn’t want to get into it here. So, I’m going to stop, and I’ll just leave you with the little break that I took earlier today. Hopefully, it gives you some escape too.

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