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Image with a grey background and an illustration on the right third of a white hand holding a piece of string with animals attached to it dangling over a number of hands of different colours below. This illustration is accompanied with text that says “Veganism in an oppressive world. A vegans of colour community project. Edited by Julia Feliz Brueck.” To the left of the illustration and text is a vertical black bar with white text that says “Audio Only”. Further to the left, text says “A live chat presented by:” with two black and white logos for T.O.F.U. Magazine and Sanctuary Publishers below.

I ended up with a migraine while I was working on these clips from the talk I did with the editor and some of the writers from Veganism In An Oppressive World earlier this year, so I opted to hold-off on announcing their posting on YouTube until today. After all, it just meant I would do a Flashback Friday instead of a Throwback Thursday, which is totally acceptable, right?

Taken from the extended chat, which couldn’t be posted due to some disappointing technical issues in terms of quality, each clip offers an author’s answer to the question:

“…the book was born out of my frustration with feeling silenced and underrepresented by mainstream vegan spaces, is this something that you have experienced where you are?”

Although the clips provide only an intro to why discussing veganism within an intersectional framework is important, I hope they spark your interest at least a little bit. If so, I recommend you check out the publication by purchasing it through Sanctuary Publisher’s shop.

Vinamarata “Winnie” Kaur

Ankita Yadav

Michelle Carrera (Chilis on Wheels)

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