WAIW | Working for the CIA

Photo of a dog with black and white markings on her face. She is laying on the ground and staring at the camera. There is white text in the foreground that says "Working for the CIA. Where Am I Wednesday"

I’ve been called a number of things over the years, but this week a comment on the Facebook page might have taken the cake.

“are you on CIA money to destabilise movement?”

Relative to the other things I’ve had thrown at me in the comment section, this one was rather harmless. However, assuming there is some degree of seriousness in the question being posted, I have to give it a high ranking in terms of my all-time favourite responses.

What did I post that led to this accusation?

I simply shared a link to the article I wrote on the blog just a little while ago about the need for vegans to be involved in other forms of activism. To be honest, I’m not surprised it led to some comments, but being accused of working for the CIA is not exactly where I expected the thread to go. The comments that came later were far more predictable, and, even though I continue to make it evident that T.O.F.U. is a pro-intersectional, anti-oppression publication, I suspect I’ll keep upsetting people by sharing such content on social media.

When will I ever learn that a vegan magazine should just stick to talking about animals? 😉

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