T.O.F.U. #13 | Issue Preview

Image contains a dark background with a peach pt in the middle. The pit has been cut open to show the light brown seed. Above the pit, there is text that says "T.O.F.U. #13" in white and "Issue Preview" in light brown.

Since the release of the new issue, I’ve been working on spreading the word through social. One thing I started doing yesterday is highlighting quotes from the different articles, and I plan on doing that into next week.

Of course, a better way for you to get an idea of what to expect from the issue is to show you what’s inside. Given that I already posted the first article earlier this month, I thought I should take it a step further and give you the first three pieces this time around. Plus, reading it all this way gives you a much better idea of the visuals and layout that play a part in the magazine too.

So, if you’re curious, you can check out the preview below to see what the first three articles of T.O.F.U. #13 have to say. After that, if you want to read more, please head over to the store and download the full issue here.

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