T.O.F.U. #13 | Meet the Artists

Image contains a series of six panels with various colour illustrations related to the thirteenth issue of T.O.F.U. Magazine.

Once again, I was not only lucky enough to find a group of great authors to share their stories related to disordered eating and eating disorder recovery, I was also able to work with a number of great vegan artists to illustrate many of the pieces within the latest issue. Given that I love the art they created, I thought I should share a little more info with you so that you can check out other things they’ve done and perhaps show them some support in one way or another!

Image contains a pair of glasses with black frames and red lenses. Within the lenses, there is white text that says "FALSE". In the background, there is a variety of stats for a YouTube video.

Julia Feliz Brueck

Julia Feliz Brueck is a decade long vegan, mother of two, scientist, and published author and illustrator. She is also the founder of Sanctuary Publishers, a vegan book publisher that gives back to marginalized communities with every book sold.

fb: juliafelizbrueck & sanctuarypublishers

Image contains a girl with red hair who is hugging an apple and some broccoli. Behind her, there is a loaf of bread with an evil facing staring at her.

Samantha Fung

Samantha Fung is an animal rights artist, activist, and hunt saboteur who lives in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Having recovered from an eating disorder, Sam’s work also covers topics such as fat shaming, the influence of the media, and self-care.

ig: @oneheartillustration

Image contains an illustration with a green background around a rectangular board with a series of tiles and pegs on it. Near the top, a small grey emoticon with a concerned look is entering the board and headed downward. The series of squares are paired from the top to the bottom with shades of red on the left and shades of blue on the right. From left to right, the tiles include a person hugging a heart, a few pills, a magazine with a far person on the cover, and a tile with "Try the vegan cure! Go vegan! Be thin" written on it.

Matt Gauck

Matt Gauck is a freelance illustrator and screen printer living the rural life in Whittier, North Carolina, USA. He spends most of his time drawing, skateboarding, and watching bad horror movies. He is also good at handstands.

w: mattgauck.com | ig: @veganpatches

Image contains a white skull with a series of plant leaves and flowers on the right-hand side. On the left, there are pills and a pill bottle.

Meneka Repka

Meneka Repka is an artist and teacher living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She holds a PhD in education, and teaches both university and high school courses. She also runs Nooch Greeting Cards, and is a co-founder of VegFest Calgary.

ig: @meneka_repka & @noochgreetingcards

Image contains an illustration of a white woman with blonde hair in a black shirt. Around her, there are a number of sketches of things such as a deer head, a bee, ants, and a lunar eclipse.

Ryan Stanley

Ryan Stanley is an illustrator, musician, and dad currently residing in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. When he’s not drawing or playing music, he puts responsible teenagers behind the wheel.

w: cursedarrows.bandcamp.com | ig: @fox_killdeer

Image contains a collage of with a central figure being a white girl with red hair and orange glasses.

Wanni Wang

Wanni Wang is an artist/illustrator based in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. A transplant from Hong Kong, she aims to promote and capture the sense of wonderment in daily life, and the goodness that fuels the fight for more justice, mercy, and kindness.

w: wanniwanni.com | ig: @wwanni

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