WAIW | Getting Paid to Watch Cartoons

Image contains a photo of a man looking into the camera with an amused look on his face. On both shoulders, he has a stuffed animal.

Today, I’m getting paid to watch cartoons. To be fair, I’m doing more than that, but I can’t really speak about the actual project at the moment. However, I can talk about what I learned after an hour or so of viewing a kid made out of a hot dog and another one who grants wishes. Don’t worry, I won’t sing the songs.

In case you’re wondering why I’m looking for work, you can find out more in another post I made about one of the other jobs I’ve picked-up recently. The short version would be that I managed to go over five years without any major work outside of the magazine, but recent developments have meant that I need to change my focus at least a little bit to keep paying my bills. Hopefully, things will change next year, but for now at least I’m privileged enough to be able to do something fun.

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