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Upscale D.I.Y. tofu gaining popularity


Alright, so maybe it's not as neat as the way we make T.O.F.U. around here, but I did think it is interesting to learn that a lot of upscale restaurants are now preparing their own tofu instead of simply buying it from a store. Read More »

Lentil as Anything: is it love?

Alright, maybe it’s just a crush since they’re not entirely vegan, and they are on the other side of the world, but I can be smitten for today, right? Lentil as Anything They have a “pay as you feel” policy, three locations, live music, artwork, films and they are quite active in their community. Oh yeah, […]

It’s a small world (with lots of options)

With the new issue being completely digital the whole world has opened up in terms of who can be involved. In fact, I'm hoping I will be able to showcase what veganism looks like in as many places as possible. Read More »

To criticize or to praise?

I just had what I believe is my third meal at the Sprout here in Newfoundland, and I’m at a crossroads. The last two meals there have been average at best, and I’m left wondering if I should try to find somewhere else to eat for the next 24hrs? The problem is, I want to […]

Musing While Melting

arizona desert

Maybe I'm reading a little too much of Striking at the Roots to consider things a success without looking at their reason for it, but it's better than just thinking about how hot I am while typing this, right? Read More »