Guest Post for Fat Gay Vegan

Guest post for Fat Gay Vegan

While working on promoting The Book of T.O.F.U. with other bloggers I knew, Sean from Fat Gay Vegan offered me the chance to write a guest post on his site. Although daunting at first since I seem to have become accustomed to getting people to write content more so than me being the one to write, I had fun with it once I finally found some inspiration! Instead of simply telling folks about the book, I chose to focus more on why I decided to create the anthology, and, most importantly, why I wanted it to be printed. Here’s an excerpt to give you an idea of what I touched on:

Sure, there were plenty of reasons why I made this decision, but the main one was that I wanted people to invest some time in reading the words that my authors had spent so long putting together. I wanted people to step away from their screens and pay attention to the issues being tackled in the book. Along with this, I wanted the magazine to be something people valued. Yes, blog posts can be thought-provoking and intelligent, but when was the last time you left your bookmarks open on a coffee table and ended up in a conversation with a friend or a stranger about just how great that article from so-and-so was during your morning commute?

Read the full post here.

This isn’t the first time something related to T.O.F.U. has made it to Sean’s site, and you can even find a piece written by him in the eighth issue of the magazine. Years before that, he interviewed me to talk about the magazine. Funny enough, that interview actually led to an interesting misunderstanding while I was living in South Korea, but that’s a story for another post!

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