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After listening to a great chat with a friend of mine, Jacqueline Adamescu of Project Intersect, that happened recently on the Which Side podcast, I was reminded of the one I did a little under a year ago.

So, today seemed like a good day to do a throwback to it for those who might have missed it!

I’ve done interviews before, including my most recent one with Our Hen House, but the slight difference with Which Side is that there are no pre-arranged questions. It’s just a chat, and that leaves room for plenty of things to come up.

In my case, we ended up talking a lot about the Food Empowerment Project since they had recently been named as a T.O.F.U. Grant recipient. Plus, they’re awesome. Along with that, we talked about the Resistance Ecology Conference, T.O.F.U., touring, social media, and I even briefly mention The Donald.

If you’re interested, you can give it a listen below. Of course, you can also find all the past episodes of great conversations that Which Side has had through their website.

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