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I got caught-up in sending out the monthly newsletter, so I think this post might fall a little outside of the actual Wednesday it’s related to, but so be it!

Over the last few weeks, things have been rather active for the magazine in terms of social media, and most of that has been centred around the Facebook page. Although I’m accustomed to dealing with varying levels of engagement on there, especially when it comes to folks not agreeing with the things I share, at least one post went well beyond what I expected in terms of attention.

For better or worse, that meant I spent a lot of time responding to people and dealing with comments, both online and in my personal life. Luckily, things have quieted down on that post, but it seems I’m still getting a little more attention on other things since then, which is obviously both good and bad since I’m the only one handling everything.

Regardless of how much work it involves, and just how negative some folks can be, I’m happy to say that these last few weeks have only helped to fuel my resolve to continue to do what I’m doing and fight for the things I believe in. So, when it came time to shoot a new episode for my Where Am I Wednesday series, I decided to talk a little about my determination to make a stand.

Hopefully, you’ll join me.

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