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A week ago, I was in an airport in Bangkok waiting to head to Phuket for a sit that would have me taking care of some familiar faces until mid-January. Now that I’m here, I’ve settled into the usual routines that I had during my last visit, and I’m enjoying some rather surprising cool weather.

Of course, it’s not as cold as it would be if I was back home in Canada, which is just fine by me. Even though the main reason why I’m here in SE Asia is to save money while working on the magazine, skipping winter is an added bonus for sure. That being said, no matter how far away from the snow I am, the holidays are pretty hard to escape.

So, I thought I would take this week’s Where Am I Wednesday episode to suggest a couple of options for your holiday shopping that are great ideas for the vegan(s) on your list.

1) The Complete T.O.F.U. (Purchase)
For just $10 CDN, you can get every single past issue of the magazine for anyone on your list, be they naughty or nice. With a focus on topics such as sexism, fat shaming, ageism, and more, they’ll have plenty of reading to keep them busy while others are wondering just when they can return the sweater from your aunt.

2) T.O.F.U. Subscriptions (Subscribe)
If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, you can consider subscribing someone to the magazine through Patreon. Not only will they receive advance copies of each issue when they’re released, they’ll also be helping to bring the magazine closer to going back to print!

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