WAIW | Saying Goodbye in Quy Nhon

Photo of a large, light green Buddha standing on a lotus flower surrounded by palm trees.

Well, today’s the day. I’m finally leaving Quy Nhon, Vietnam. I write that sentence with some mixed emotions as I’m both happy and sad to actually be leaving this city. When I first arrived, I had only intended on being here for a week or so, but then I got comfortable and decided to stay a little longer.

And then I got sick, and realized I had to stay even longer.

Now, over a month after I arrived, I’m due to hop on a train back to Saigon this afternoon. Since the train is going to take at least 13 hours or so (chances are it will be even longer since so many delays can happen when travelling by rail), I decided to shoot this week’s Where Am I Wednesday episode before leaving as my trusty iPhone 4S can’t really go a whole day without a charge, and I’m really going to need it tomorrow morning when I want to call a GrabBike and get to my hostel.

So, after finding my Banh Mi guy closed and settling for a bowl of noodles on the grounds of a temple nearby, I decided to talk a little about being faced with saying goodbye to the folks I’ve come to know at least somewhat in this city. Chances are, you know the feeling too, and I guess it’s just something most of us have to deal with as we go from one place to another.

Of course, that doesn’t mean it has to be fun, right? :p

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