T.O.F.U. Questions | What is T.O.F.U.?

White background with black text in the foreground that says "What is T.O.F.U.?"

Since the confusion seems to continue on social media in regard to just what T.O.F.U. Magazine promotes, I thought I would try to answer that question in the latest episode of the T.O.F.U. Questions series on the YouTube channel.

The short version would be that T.O.F.U. Magazine is a pro-intersectional, anti-oppression vegan publication, and it’s not the type of independent media that will give a pass to someone just because they’re an animal rights activist. So, T.O.F.U. will actively call out things like transphobia, racism, fat shaming, and more when it comes to people within and outside of the community.

Hopefully, you will too.

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