WAIW | Intent Vs. Impact

Image contains a series of orange-red tiles with a black and white dog laying down in the bottom-right hand corner. On the left side, a series of metal dog bowls sit empty.

Similar to the post I made before releasing the latest issue, I messed-up again over the last 24hrs or so, and I felt I should acknowledge it with this week’s Where Am I Wednesday episode.

Rather than rehash what I said in the video, I think I’ll let it do the talking for me… especially since I’m the one doing the talking in it.

Also, if you would like a more detailed explanation, I recommend checking out what the folks at Everyday Feminism had to say on the matter a number of years ago. Sure, it’s an older article, but the advice still holds true today.

On a related note, you may also find my piece on how to become a better activist of interest, which includes sections on fucking up, apologizing, and learning from one’s mistakes.

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