WAIW | Intent Vs. Impact

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Similar to the post I made before releasing the latest issue, I messed-up again over the last 24hrs or so, and I felt I should acknowledge it with this week’s Where Am I Wednesday episode.

Rather than rehash what I said in the video, I think I’ll let it do the talking for me… especially since I’m the one doing the talking in it.

Also, if you would like a more detailed explanation, I recommend checking out what the folks at Everyday Feminism had to say on the matter a number of years ago. Sure, it’s an older article, but the advice still holds true today.

On a related note, you may also find my piece on how to become a better activist of interest, which includes sections on fucking up, apologizing, and learning from one’s mistakes.

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  1. Kendall wrote: Jul. 11, 2018

    Thanks for this message, I missed the conversation on Facebook but it is so important to be open to hearing criticism and to learn from our mistakes. Nobody is perfect and nobody should be expected to know everything! I also missed the conversation on eating disorders, but I’m an eating disorder survivor who found your magazine through a recent mention of supporting vegans with eating disorders. I appreciate what you do!

    • Ryan wrote: Jul. 12, 2018

      Hi Kendall,
      Thanks for the comment. It’s kind of rare to actually hear from people in this day of simply liking posts and moving on, so it’s nice to get some feedback. 😀

      Speaking of feedback, you might be interested to know that I’ll be hosting a live chat with some of the authors and artists from the issue on disordered eating on Sunday, July 22nd at 11am PDT. Hopefully, you can join us!

      Hope all is well,

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