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It’s been just under a month since the release of T.O.F.U. #14, and with the last little bit of promo (a live author chat) happening this week, I figure now is the time to start working on the next issue!

With that in mind, I’m officially putting out a public call for submissions. As always, I highly recommend you check the submission guidelines before contacting me about your idea. Seriously, it’ll make things a lot easier for both of us if you know what I’m looking for and (most importantly) you know the kind of publication you’re writing for.

About the Issue

Depending on how big your vegan bubble is, it may seem like the world is rather quickly becoming vegan. Each day, there are new product announcements, stats showing the incredible rise of vegan business, lawsuits from dairy and animal agriculture trying to snatch back their profits, and more to suggest that we’re winning.

But, as is usually the case, the reality isn’t quite as positive.

Despite the news of veggie burgers selling out across Canada, major investors putting their wallets behind meatless products, and even governments investing in plant protein, worldwide meat consumption continues to rise and large scale corporations are still reaping profits from the death and suffering of animals.

With all of this in mind, and no easy answers in sight, the next issue will focus on the topic of capitalism. From the thorny debates around small vegan companies being bought by corporations with far weaker ethics to whether or not voting with our dollar and working within the system is creating change, T.O.F.U. #15 will hopefully share the thoughts and experiences of vegan business owners, activists, and more to try and make some sense of the tangled web we weave when money gets involved.

Submission Guidelines

  • Be familiar with T.O.F.U. and its past issues. You’ll be writing for a (mainly) vegan audience that is pro-intersectional, anti-oppression, and doesn’t have to be convinced that animals are our friends. Also, I don’t want to turn down ideas because they were already covered in a very similar manner in a past issue.
  • Send a few ideas, if possible. Together, I’m sure we can figure out a great article!
  • Quality and quantity. When it comes to contributing, you should be comfortable with writing at least 1800-2500 words. Smaller submissions will be considered, but the aim is to have something more substantial than a blog post.
  • Original and unpublished content. I don’t want other publications mad that I’m running the same piece, and I’d like for my readers to be excited for something new from every author, if possible. Please don’t just copy and paste something from your blog into an email.
  • Be excited. I’m accustomed to sending emails to people multiple times to round-up articles, but I’m not going to chase after you for long.
  • Eat your veggies. Maybe this goes without saying, but you should be vegan.
  • No recipes. I’m sure you’ve got a great one, but there are enough places for vegan recipes these days. T.O.F.U. aims to be a platform for something other than vegan food, even if I do enjoy said food a lot.
  • Space is limited. I’m more interested in putting out a quality issue rather than one with plenty of pieces, so just because you submit something doesn’t mean it will be accepted. Don’t worry, if I don’t think it will work with T.O.F.U., I just might have suggestions of other magazines you can approach!

Submission Proposals Due: Monday, April 29, 2019 Monday, May 27, 2019
Final Draft Due: Monday, May 20, 2019 Monday, June 24, 2019

As always, both new and past contributors are welcome to submit ideas. So, if you’re interested, please drop me a line.

Finally, just to stress this once again since it’s constantly a problem, please read at least some of the past issues of the magazine before submitting your idea. If I don’t know you personally, I’m going to ask.

Ryan Patey
[email protected]

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