WAIW | Thanks to Farmers

Image contains a photo of a rice field with green stalks of rice visible in the foreground and large trees in the background.

Over the last few years in SE Asia, I’ve seen a lot of rice fields between Vietnam and Thailand, and today the fields near my current housesit inspired me to talk a little about the need to remember that pretty much everything on our plates comes from the work of farmers. Without their blood, sweat, and tears, our grocery stores and local markets would look a lot different. So, please do what you can to show thanks to those who feed us, and make conscious choices about where your food comes from, who you buy it from, and how much goes to waste.

For more info on how you can do this, I recommend you check out the work of both Food Empowerment Project and A Well-Fed World. For local initiatives, poke around Facebook, ask your friends, and check out people tabling at your local farmers’ market (if you have one). If you can’t find someone working on the things you feel are important, then consider starting a group yourself. You can do it! 🙂

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