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Red Radio sits down with T.O.F.U.

old radio

Ryan sat down with Erin from Red Radio last weekend, and what resulted was quite the conversation on everything from nonononono cat to PETA's sexist ad campaigns. Read More »

St. John’s City Review

St. John's, Newfoundland

"Pi is another great option in downtown St. John’s. A pizza place with a funky, math- inspired aesthetic, Pi offers not only a vegan crust, but a vegan chocolate cake as well (though the cake is sadly icing-free). The brand new, and stylish, Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca ( on Duckworth specialises in Neapolitan pizza. The servers and chefs are keen to accomodate vegan diets, and even though they don’t carry a vegan cheese, they will throw some on for you if you bring your own." Read More »

From the window of T.O.F.U. headquarters

Hey folks, I just wanted to post a picture from a small series I’m hoping to do to give you all a window into where I put the magazine together. This one was taken from my computer about five minutes ago, so it’s not the best quality, but I think you will understand why I […]

Settling down (again)

St. John's harbour

It's alright if you had assumed I was dead. I would assume the same too if I saw a blog that had not been updated in months. Damn speed of the Internet means expiration dates are in hours instead of days or months. If we were writing letters to each other I feel like a month or two would be acceptable, but I guess I would also write more in a letter than I do in a blog. Well, at least I would like to think I would. Read More »

St. Johns hatches plan to curb swan population

CBC News – Nfld. & Labrador – St. Johns hatches plan to curb swan population. Well, damn. Just when I was starting to warm up to living in St. John’s they go and do this.

To criticize or to praise?

I just had what I believe is my third meal at the Sprout here in Newfoundland, and I’m at a crossroads. The last two meals there have been average at best, and I’m left wondering if I should try to find somewhere else to eat for the next 24hrs? The problem is, I want to […]